About StarchMango.com

A Starch Mango is a type of mango found in the country of Trinidad & Tobago which is located in the Caribbean, more specifically the West Indies.

Trinidad & Tobago is a “twin-island country”, although they, Trinidad and Tobago, look nothing alike. Starch mangoes are also not as widespread in the country and quite expensive, compared. Simply growing a starch mango tree from another tree’s seed won’t bear the same taste, you have to graft it.

It’s a unique and widely loved mango that is sweet but not too sweet and sort of milky, yet not milky and if you really want to enjoy Starch Mango, you really have to want to eat it because it’s a bit of a stringy mango that can be cumbersome to clean your teeth after you’ve eaten it.

All these “features” of a starch mango, which is a unique yet versatile mango and memorable, are why the website is named, starchmango.com.

From the Caribbean to the World, StarchMango.com publishes content relevant to pop culture whether it be memes, videos, knowledge or otherwise. So grab some tea, coffee or beverage of you choice and throw it away, then go grab some fruits, preferably mangoes and chow down while you consume StarchMango.com


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