This list is a subjective comparison, as everyone has their own favourites for various reasons, whether sentimental or otherwise. Therefore, if you have any opinions or expert insights, please feel free to share them in the comments, and please be kind.
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#1 Hong Wing

TYPE: Ground

PRICE: Extremely Affordable


  • Tastes odd, almost like drinking gas; unimpressed. I got accustomed to the taste eventually but didn’t enjoy it any better.

#2 Members Selection – Premium Excelso

TYPE: Ground

PRICE: Not worth it


  • The initial taste is not great at all (worst than Hong Wing), almost unnatural but eventually, you get used to it, though I wouldn’t recommend it one bit.

#4 Starbucks – House Blend

TYPE: Beans

PRICE: Higher End

RECOMMENDATION: Would NOT really recommend

  • It’s not great tasting at all, though you get used to it more than the previous ones.

#5 Jose Perez – Ground

TYPE: Ground

PRICE: Average Price

RECOMMENDATION: Might recommend

  • Acceptable taste but is not great or smooth. I got accustomed to this taste and may buy this one again.

#6 Starbucks – Willow Blend

TYPE: Beans

PRICE: Higher End

RECOMMENDATION: Will recommend

  • Smooth acceptable taste. This was the only Starbucks blend that I could see myself buying again if I had no other option.

#7 Cafe Brasil

TYPE: Ground

PRICE: Affordable (Nice option on a budget)

RECOMMENDATION: Will recommend

  • The taste is not bad, but not great; not smooth. This was okay over time, but not great. A nice option on a budget.

#8 Real Taste – Dark Roast

TYPE: Ground

PRICE: Above average (per serving)

RECOMMENDATION: Will recommend

  • Surprised by this taste, though it requires more serving size than the rest. It was nice and may buy this one again or try the other options they have.

#9 Jose Perez – Beans

TYPE: Beans

PRICE: Average but higher

RECOMMENDATION: Will recommend

  • Acceptable Taste, better than the Ground option. Compared to Jose Perez Ground Coffee this was richer in taste and I may buy this again.

#10 Volcanica – Espresso

TYPE: Beans

PRICE: Higher End

RECOMMENDATION: Will recommend

  • Acceptable taste though not as smooth. I may buy this again. There are many more options from this brand I may try.

#11 Dunkin’ – Original Blend

TYPE: Beans

PRICE: Affordable

RECOMMENDATION: Will recommend

  • I really enjoyed this one and was surprised by the quality of this commercial American brand. Will definitely buy it again if it’s available locally.

#12 Lavazza – Classico

TYPE: Beans

PRICE: Higher end (worth it)

RECOMMENDATION: Will always recommend

  • Great Taste, really smooth and enjoyable. I really enjoyed this one and was surprised because I’ve never come across this brand before.

#13 Lavazza – Expresso

TYPE: Beans

PRICE: Higher End (worth every bit)

RECOMMENDATION: Highly recommend

  • This is definitely my go-to selection of coffee beans henceforth. I like the fact you’re getting beans and can ground yourself for a fresher taste. Extremely pleased with this.

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