16 Bodacious Trini Girls Nailing it on Instagram

Credit: @tonzsalina | @j.hamilton.photography

/ bəʊˈdeɪʃəs/ adjective
excellent, admirable, or attractive.

These Trini girls are absolutely nailing it on Instagram, the world’s most popular image-sharing platform.

Being a Professional Beauty Photographer & Photo Re-toucher myself for many years, I have an ‘eye’ for what makes something or someone ‘beautiful’, appealing and as the title says, bodacious.

I thought I’d share some of the best Local Trini Girls who are making their mark on the world with their posts, personality, stories and of course, beauty.


Please DO NOT harass in ANY WAY, these featured personalities. That means, don’t D.M. them, don’t spam them, don’t shame them, whatsoever. Just be decent Trinis.

Or as I like to say it “Relax yuhself!”.




What do you think?


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