10 Ways to Save Money in 2024

1. Stop buying clothes.

Legend has it that normal people can wear clothes more than once at events or social gatherings. This idea of someone not wearing an outfit more than once is left for the lavish and people who aren’t bothered by the fact that impoverished children may be making their clothes.

Clothes taken care of can last years. Not only are you saving poor children in developing countries, but you’re also saving on unnecessary superficial expenses. There’s no shame in accepting hand-me-downs as well, as long as you wash them.

2. Spend less on your Horner-person.

It’s okay to treat your outside woman or man, but have a serious discussion about your supposedly serious relationship with that “special outside someone” about rising expenses. Guest houses aren’t the same prices anymore. If they pass the test, it’s meant to be. Just like Latapy, they’re a keeper.

3. Stick with one person to have children with.

Mouths to feed cost money. When two people come together and stay together they manage a household and plan long-term. This encourages planned parenthood, etc.

When someone jumps from relationship to relationship they tend to behave like it’s school days and make adult mistakes in bed or get caught up in that “new broom does sweep good” fantasy. This leads to two making three, more than necessary.

4. Smoke and drink less alcohol.

While increases in the cost of living can stress you out which leads to cigarettes and/or alcohol as coping mechanisms, those aren’t cheap. Especially when you consume too much. Cutting back will decrease spending, leading to less stressing out about expenses. Plus your health will benefit. Avoid further “brokesness” by deterring anticipated financial burden of potential future medical expenses associated with consuming these products.

5. Plant baigan and ochro and tomatoes at home.

With the rising cost of food items, planting them ourselves saves quite a lot on monthly expenses. It may require more energy, time and resources to farm yourself, but it’s something we’ve been doing since the beginning of humanity. Maybe it’s time to get your hands dirty again.

If we could only find a way to plant Facebook attention, it would save us even more!

6. Make coffee, smoothies or hot beverages at home.

Is it possible to resist the urge to be cool like everyone else who wastes money on branded coffee that’s six to eight to even ten times the cost of brewing at home; if done right can taste even better? I never knew throwing away money could make you seem cool. Those branded coffee companies own you now. Take your power back, brew or smooth at home.

7. Have fewer friends.

Having friends costs money because keeping up with the Joneses is costly and we know everyone wants to be better than everyone, even if they can’t afford to, but we like to pretend we do.

With friends, it encourages you to spend money and to look as if you’re having a good time. Especially with the ones who are always trying to leech off you, so they can have a good time at your expense. In a world of YouTube, online gaming, V.R., A.I. and Netflix, friends are just an expense and energy drainer when you can have just as much fun with technology by yourself.

8. Don’t get married.

The leading cause of divorce is marriage. It’s cheaper to get married than divorce, however with increasing divorce rates there’s a good chance you’re going to get divorced and also pay alimony if you’re hot and sweaty. Do yourself a favour and keep it casual, it’ll cost you less.

9. Stop buying a phone every year.

If you’re not a Tech YouTuber, then why do you need to have the latest phone model? Are you that easy, you fall for marketing tactics like a sheep every year. Midrange Phones last years if you take care of them. Unless your last name rhymes with Classy or Hadid, you don’t need a phone every year. Stop this nonsense.

10. Stop giving your money away.

This might sound obvious. But people out here giving money away willingly, daily. Some give their money to casinos and/or play whe booths, some give to wealthy religious organizations. Not sure which is worse.

God is in your heart and the you know the house always wins. You don’t need to give your money to already wealthy religious or gambling organisations, legal or otherwise. A poor man who prays at home will receive just as enough blessings as you who giving all your money away to those who have.

11. Disconnect internet and cable

Who relies on the internet anyway? Is it truly essential? Given the overwhelming negativity and toxic behaviours online, where individuals flaunt their extravagant lifestyles, why subject yourself to such negativity?

When the rest of the world is going online, abandoning traditional media and offline services, in this backward country, traditional media is still king and all of Trinidad’s essential services and utilities are still analogue. We don’t have a strong online presence other than bacchanal and showing off, so why are you wasting money on something you can clearly do without?

Local T.V. might still be outdated, but it’s free.

This in no way is not meant to be taken as financial or life advice for that matter, and if you’re not so smart enough to think it is, then you’re going to become bankrupt very soon, whether you follow this “advice” or not.

Also, only if you have two brain cells you’ll realise this is not meant to be taken seriously. But because nowadays loud people are sensitive and feel entitled, this disclaimer had to be mentioned. A few years ago this wouldn’t have to be stated, it would be obvious, yet here we are. Progress much?

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