One of the Most Simply Amazing 3D Animation Compilation Ever Made!

This 3D compilation video doesn’t seem like much to an average person, however for aspiring 3D artists like myself, this blew my mind!

I instantly fell in love with it within the first few seconds. What’s the point some may ask? For me, it’s the varying creative visions from artists around the globe! I love when there are many creative perspectives to the same concept. It’s truly inspiring and though simplistic in theory, this is a very complex and intricate feat.

Over the years, following 3D studios, films, videos, short-films, art, artists and more, creating a few of my own, I’ve seen quite a great deal of 3D concepts and this compilation undoubtedly will remain with me forever much like Blur’s 2013 demo reel, seen here:

Unofficial Video Link

Maybe I’m out of touch with the tech behind 3D animation these days, but I believe just a few years ago, none of these scenes from the 3D Challenge/Compilation video could’ve been produced and rendered by individuals. It used to take small render stations or farms, i.e. studios, to produce such detailed, artistic, high-definition videos.

Now, there are thousands of artists creating stunning imagery that rivals the likes of Pixar from their homes. That, I believe is what blew my mind, aside from the multitude of creative ideas and why I love it so much. My inner 3D artist who started venturing in 2002 with an AMD 600MHz, 256MB RAM and 128GB HDD computer is silently screaming for joy!


What do you think?


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